This important group of insects includes domesticated honey bees as well as native wild bees, flies, wasps, moths, butterflies, and more. By collecting and studying native bees, future research will examine deeper questions about migration patterns and changes to bee habitats, said Robin Thomson, the University’s Insect Collection curator. Originally Posted on The Minnesota Daily via UWIRE. They’re being found in different counties, which might correlate to changes in land use for agricultural reasons,” she said. The survey work includes physically capturing bees in the spring and summer, sorting through and identifying the bees, then pinning and labeling each one. Through this project, the state species list of Minnesota bees now stands at 418 species. Some bee species that the DNR has found in the past are no longer popping up in their recent surveys. “We hear about pollinator decline in the popular press, but we don’t have any numbers to put to that,” she said. Black-and-gold bumble bee (Bombus auricomus) is common, large, colonial bumble bee. Native plant suppliers and landscapers in Minnesota (Minnesota DNR) - List of native plant suppliers and landscapers in Minnesota. They also play an important role in Minnesota agriculture. Social wasps and bees sting to defend their colony. Wild bees provide vital pollination services and are an integral component of biodiversity. An additional 29 problematic species are listed in Appendix 2. Because researchers do not have a comprehensive list of which bees are native to Minnesota, they do not know much about … With around 450 bee species in Minnesota, she said there are many questions that need answers, such as the long-term impact of the climate crisis on bees. They are solitary bees, often found foraging in early spring. And why did they move?” Thomson said. Map. Sweat bees are generalist feeders, foraging on a range of host plants. There are thousands of pollinator species in Minnesota, including over 400 species of native bees. The Biology and External Morphology of Bees- With keys and a synopsis of Northwestern Genera… “There’s a question of where did they go? So, it’s really important to be able to look into what bees we have here in the state … and be able to see what makes them so diverse.”. Mason bees (Osmia lignaria) are one of the 400 native, solitary bees in Minnesota. Species are expected to be added or removed as surveys are completed and specimen identifications are confirmed. Using the University of Minnesota Insect Collection, a team of bee researchers at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is tracking and studying native bees in the hope of understanding how the insects have been impacted by the climate crisis. “There’s a question of where did they go? Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCCMR). “If we don’t ask questions about how they’re interacting with the environment, we can’t know how to help save them either.”, Read more here: This list is under development. The Problem. The project is anticipated to finish in 2023 and is funded by the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, as recommended by the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources. They are stem-nesting bees and they use mud to seal their nesting tubes, thus the name “mason” bees. We are home to 22 of North America’s 49 species of bumble bees, including several species that have disappeared from other parts of their range and are in need of conservation. Minnesota is asking homeowners to turn their lawns into prairie to help bring back the bees. The Biology and External Morphology of Bees- With keys and a synopsis of Northwestern Genera… Native Bees, Solitary Bees and Wild Bees: What are they? The information is then entered into a database, and the bees are stored at the University’s Insect Collection. “A lot of the initial pollinator decline interest and worry was with respect to honeybees, which are not native, and it’s just one species.”.

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